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Our story in delivering education beyond the classroom

It All Started with the Covid-19

As the fear of the coronavirus pandemic escalated across the globe, education authorities have ordered schools and universities to stop teaching for a while. So did the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) of Puntland Government in March 2020. 

But, unlike developed countries, schools and universities in Puntland were not prepared to help students to get access to online education and continue studying during the closure period.

The Invitation to the Learning Passport

With MoEHE undecided its next move and worried about the reliability and the economic implications of the proposed solutions, there came an introductory email that conveyed the existence of a UNICEF led, Microsoft backed, global platform called the Learning Passport. The email concluded that the UNICEF Education Office in Somalia was eager to arrange a technical meeting with the LP deployment team. MoEHE attended the meeting and raised few questions here and there, but ultimately decided to go with it. After all, the solution, despite its lacking of some important features available in other learning management systems, not only removed the cost of hosting and maintenance while also offering free support, but it was backed two great organizations.

Search for Affordable Solutions

With over 300,000 students enrolled in the primary and secondary schools across Puntland getting their education disrupted by the virus coupled with the lack of educational technology infrastructures at the school level, MoEHE tried to fill the teaching gap. MoEHE asked quotations from qualified local vendors, usually classified as Technical Specialists or Solution Providers, to come up with an affordable web and mobile application proposals capable of helping students to get access to video, audio, and text education to continue their studying during the coronavirus shutdown.

Future Plans


The Puntland MoEHE considers the implementation of the Cilmi one of the most essential milestones it has accomplished since it’s established in 1998. With that said, MoEHE reaffirms its commitment to keep Cilmi and membership in the Learning Passport community alive in the foreseeable future.

The Ministry strives to improve its policies and capacity in producing educational content that will improve the lives of the Puntland citizens, and considers Cilmi as a means to that end.

Zero-rating Cilmi

Puntland MoEHE is in talks with the leading telecom companies to zero-rate users for using Cilmi and the Puntland Learning Passport website to remove the burden of the data cost that may stop interested learners from accessing the content.

Puntland MoEHE believes that a deal is within a reach with the telecom companies, and users may enjoy learning while not spending money on it in the later months of 2022 or early 2023.