Welcome to Cilmi, Your Anytime and Anywhere Available Study Partner!

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland Government has completely digitized its entire primary and secondary education curriculum into an easy to flow, short-bite video lessons, textbooks, and practice assessments.

Students, and adult learners, can now freely register and take the subjects they are interested in by downloading Cilmi mobile application from the Google Play.

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Suits to Different Learning Habits

Cilmi gives students various ways to learn by providing lessons in video, audio, and text. It also helps students retain what they learn by integrating a self-assessment tool into the application where learners can self-assess their learning with the available quizzes at the end of each chapter. The learning assessment feature offers results instantly.

First in Africa

The Puntland instant of the Learning Passport platform was launched on 20 July 2020. Puntland was the first education authority from the Continental Africa to successfully launch the Learning Passport.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland Government was lauded for its commitment for searching solutions to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the leadership of the Puntland MoEHE learned the availability of the Learning Passport and the generous support provided by UNICEF and Microsoft, they were studying other options on the table like Moodle, custom built WordPress, and a cluster of Google services (YouTube, Classroom, Drive, etc.). The Learning Passport not only provided a robust platform designed for delivering educational content, but it also removed the costs related to hosting and maintenance of such big project.

Built on a Strong Foundation

Cilmi, and the Puntland Learning Passport, is built on the Learning Passport platform. The Learning Passport, which is developed by Microsoft Corporation and globally delivered by UNICEF, is a highly flexible and adaptable platform for delivering online and offline education.